Fuzzy Moon

Tonight I glimpsed a fuzzy moon
Veiled ‘neath clouds of luniverous doom
I waited not, but closed the door,
Sure her light would hide once more.
Now lives a portrait behind my eyes
Of spring white blooms
‘Gainst lamplit sky.

Drunk on Life

It is the sparkle that catches our eye,

holds our attention for brief moments,

and even though we look away,

taken in by the urgency of the mundane,

the flit and flutter of light

will still disturb our focus

– If we let it.

so we let it

Swirl around until –

Beheaded by heady disorientation

We find the sparkle a background

on which to paint a canvas

of life’s needful moments

‘til the picture POPS

and fizzes at the surface

of each sip

until we drank ourselves

Drunk on life.

Rapt by Riddles

It used to be that when words were strung together,
To spell a tale of melody and rhyme unchained
They were yet still shackled, but by only cellophane.

Since then, each time the words pour forth and spill
As words are want to do, I wrap them up as tight as vice
Not to be seen by you.

Beneath a tin-type case of life, fresh as love renewed
These words, between fingers and thumb jot
Elipses to heavenward bloom.

Spurned Yesterday

Here’s one memory
Of a spurned yesterday:

When my eyelids lowered
And the cobwebs cleared
By a dream…
I saw it
Clear as daybreak___
And each sentence
Unfurled like a fern
Frond in that sunlight
(Brightest shine-song of Blessing).

Be my Beach Boys ballad,
Song’s soothsayer,
Riding those back roads to home.
When aging felt like freedom
And each minute like a key beneath stone.

Only, doors didn’t open-
No, they closed like my mouth,
Fraught with fear.
Because youth has it’s pitfalls
And distance brings tears.